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Be Who You Were Born To Be

Booking a Shamanic healing session shows a real commitment to honouring your
soul’s path, and to healing on a deep level. Profound changes can occur throughout
your energetic field, touching the lives of those around you, those who have gone
before you and also your descendants. As more of us awaken to our inner potential,
we can live fully and protect our Mother Earth.

I welcome you with open arms.

A Shamanic healing involves addressing the roots of mental and physical distress and
imbalance on a soul level. You will be met with gentleness and compassion, and I
work with the constant guidance of Spirit to offer the healing techniques they suggest.
These can include: Soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, ancestral healing,
deposession and extraction to name a few. Spirits guide how long the session lasts.
However please allow at least two hours and, ideally, time to rest and integrate
learnings afterwards.

To book a healing or make enquiries please email

Healing Techniques Used

Power Animal Retrieval
Soul Retrieval and Soul Remembering
Cord Cutting
Healing with Spiritual light
Ancestral Healing
Psychopomp work
Extraction of unwanted energies
Working with Shadow

Birth: pre or post birth I work with the guardian spirits of the child, gently and sensitively clearing any issues and preparing the soul for their beautiful journey. ‘Welcome to the World’ ceremony and dedicated poem can be devised.

Death: preparing those who are close to death, making sure wishes are honoured, sitting with the dying to help with easy transition. Non-denominational and discreet.

Shadow work: it’s my experience that much illness is caused by a denial of our shadow selves. Those parts of us which society would rather we keep hidden. The unattractive, mean, childish parts which, unless they are acknowledged, only grow in power and ability to cause harm. Those clients who are into shadow work are invited to Shadow Night: a celebration of our darkest selves on the darkest day of the year, 21st December. 

For more information please email